Boxel Games is an independent videogame developing company, intending to reach new ways of entertainment in games. It is focused on exploring, creatively, development ways for the realization not only of a fine quality product, but also a soulful one.


Our staff, little but still good, has a mix of various nationalities and cultures, which meet and constitute a rich spectrum for exchange and growth; giving everything for the realization of our very first game, Kbyte, and the upcoming ones.

Daniel Gili - Programmer

He is the one who assembles each piece of the machinery that integrates the game, and makes it work through a strange kind of magic called “codes and maths”. Some of us still don’t quite understand how he does it. Pure magic.

Joaquin Godoy - Art Director

Supervises and does the pixel art, animation, concept art, character design, illustrations, coffee and other vital chores; he is the one who sets the graphic style. He makes our world a little more colorful.

Bruno Carro - Art, Animation

His vision of animation has set a guide for our animation style. He does the animation and collaborates with illustrations. An indispensable visual contribution.

Emilio Martínez - Music

The one who fills the silences, and also creates them. His compositions are a perfect assembly of various types of sound which accurately bring life to the world around it.